Fly Street Life: A Quest for retail space, in Urban America


If you’ve been following our Instagram feed at all the last few days, you’ll know that Jermaine has been going hard with commentary. However, whilst hunting for ghosts at International Plaza Mall in Tampa, Florida, he also thought he had found a great place for us to finally sell our product offline: Fly Street Life.


What Jermaine discovered was, like many locations we’ve attempted to do business with, they are anything but honest or even responsive. After carefully getting the owner’s name and email address, with confirmation that he would “DM us back”, Jermaine left Fly Street Life confident we would finally have retail space.

Boy was Jermaine wrong. Jermaine sat and waited not one day, or two days, but literally 3 weeks for a response to the email and DM he sent via Instagram! During the three weeks he started to have an identity crisis. How could someone say they would do something and then not do it? It made Jermaine so depressed he thought maybe he was delusional and clearly this person most likely ALWAYS kept their word, especially when doing business, esp. to carry one of the best brands ever created by man.

But the email never came…

While awaiting the email though, this is when Jermaine struck gold. He decided to read the about me page for Fly Street Life:

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.12.00 AM

It then became clear to Jermaine, it was not HE who was having the identity crisis but Fly Street Gear itself! We have had several agents verify but it’s real! If you go to the address https://flystreetlife.com/pages/about-us right now you’ll see it all there. FLY STREET LIFE does not know ANYTHING ABOUT ITSELF!

So there you have it. Maybe Bentley should give them a call and ask for their logo back.



Jermaine then took it upon himself to give a 24 hour window of opportunity before we published this article, the first article we’ve had in quite some time, he found that unfortunately, they still wouldn’t respond… I guess when you rip off the Bentley logo and forget who you are as a company, there is just no way to pay attention to requests for answers…

Anyway, Jermaine marches on to find retail, but in all honesty, looks like we may just have to stick with real shops, not fake ones.