Top Level App Ending Soon…

Today is a sad day here at Top Level Society LLC. We’ve made the decision to take the Top Level app out of the Apple App Store indefinitely.

Due to us pivoting to other interests, we would rather spend the annual cost of keeping the app in the app store toward our publishing and computer repair shop projects.

We wish it had been more popular than it had but unfortunately we did not have the financial backing to get the name out there more than we did. Also, we didn’t have the coders needed other than my brother working in his spare time.

The only good news to come from all of this is that I am teaching myself to code currently so hopefully one day I can revisit it as I do other projects. It is definitely a goal of mine to at least understand the code one day so that I can improve the app. Until that day comes though, the Top Level app code will be kept safe in our archives.

January 9th will be the last day you may download the app. January 28th is when our database will no longer work as they have decided to shut down service as well. I’m not sure how well the app will function once it’s off the app store and the database is down, but I would not recommend using it after January.

I’m very sorry to all of you who will be inconvenienced by this happening and hope you will understand we simply don’t have the resources to keep the app going.

Regardless, Top Level Society LLC will keep going as we always have, small as ever and pursuing whatever interests us. We wish everyone the best in 2017. Let’s make it a great one!

John Dillingham

2016 Year Wrap-Up/Announcements

Greetings from Tampa, Florida,

I’m going to keep this as brief as possible for all interested parties in order that they may read it in its entirety.

Today I have 3 announcements: App Developments, Top Level Publishing and a new, yet unnamed venture in computers that will be doing business as Top Level Society.

Let me start by saying I founded this company knowing that I would most likely lose friends, people who I thought would stand by me through thick and thin and most importantly, I would also lose my sanity. 2016 has been a trying year for me personally, professionally and most importantly, spiritually, and just when I thought I’d lost everything, I somehow lost more. However, because I knew it was going to happen, it all somehow made my great losses easier to cope with and I can confidently say I am stronger now than I’ve ever been.

What kept me going was knowing that I had founded something special and that the people, all of the people, that have helped me get to this point, still matter to me, even if I don’t matter to them. I could not have created what I have without them.

With that said, my FIRST announcement is there are only a handful of people in the background helping spread the word about the Top Level App. Without any money to invest in it, I’ve made the decision to keep the app in the app store for free but simultaneously cease any and all future development until we have developers that care about it. I will occasionally remind everyone we exist in our Instagram feed, which has slowly lost followers due to low activity, but outside of the IG realm, there will be little to no promotion other than words out of my mouth.

My brother, Brent Dillingham, has put several hours into the app’s development and no longer wishes to work on it, which I completely respect. I am not a developer myself, but more of a designer/manager so unfortunately, I cannot put my own time into the app. Therefore, because no one is willing to assist us/has other agendas, once we have a final database migration to indefinitely keep spots intact, the app will stay stagnant until someone comes along that can assist us.

We do have crews worldwide that use the app; however, I will say activity has gotten sparse most likely due to it being iOS exclusive. A major setback was not being able to offer an Android version. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that will happen either anytime soon.

Regardless of all of this news, I still have high hopes for the app and that one day the right person will come along that cares about it, and wants to help us make it even better. Until that day it will be in safe keeping in its current version.

My SECOND major announcement is Top Level Publishing. Top Level Publishing will be publishing a book digitally on the Amazon book store by myself titled Confessions of an Uber Driver. I did a 6 month stint working as an Uber driver to pay bills and also to save our server we host everything with. After succeeding to make just enough money to get by and keep our online business intact, I soon learned that Uber wasn’t everything I’d like it to be. I am currently writing a book about my experiences and it will be the perfect guide to anyone interested in getting into Uber. It will hopefully be released in Q4 2017. Joey Goebel, a published author has agreed to work with us in this venture as Editor and we warmly welcome him to Top Level. Joey has published such great works as The Anomalies and Torture the Artist. I highly recommend both.

My THIRD and final announcement is that our Director of Marketing, Dee Hussaini, will be starting his own computer repair venture out of Evansville, IN. I will be doing everything I can to assist him and may eventually end up working at the business myself as I have lots of experience in computer/cell phone repair.

So there you have it, we are slowly branching out beyond the extreme sports we were founded from and into what we hope to be more lucrative paths. I am happy that because of our current moves and strategies we’re putting in place, we’ll still continue to help people.

That is, after all, the reason most if not all people take great pride in their work, because they help others.

I look forward to our future as should you, as we’re just getting started and will be here for quite some time. You may currently support us now by purchasing a shirt from our shop.

Thank You.

You Have Ultimate Power,
John “Prez” Dillingham